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Remembering Finn, Cory and other things lost

Glee Cory Monteith Tribute

I don’t remember crying so much over someone I only felt I knew but never really did.

This week, Glee finally put out its much awaited and similarly dreaded tribute episode for the late Cory Monteith.  It was honestly one of the hardest 44 minutes of television that I had to go through, and I am a known crier for all sob stories.

Cory’s passing is one big Hollywood spectacle. But despite his tragic and sudden loss, a lot of hecklers wondered out loud, why the big deal? Why the tribute at the Emmy‘s and now for an entire episode in his memory? I can see where they were coming from. Cory was young. He was no Michael Jackson or Princess Diana. He was a budding actor with a short resume, treading the gray line between misfit and cool in Hollywood, much the same as his character quarterback-cum-acapella-singer Finn Hudson. But I guess in death, we do not look at the person’s list of achievements and measure our grieving from there. We look at the person he was, the kindness he emanated, the charm he exuded, the little good things he spread around. We wonder at the demons he faced, and are saddened that the demons won. We look at the people he loved, and know even just a tiny little bit of the grief they bear, because we have carried the same weight ourselves.

I look at how he has barely breached 30 years, and I grieve for him, and I grieve for the person I lost at the same age he was. I grieve that much the same as my personal dearly departed, Finn and Cory will only be alive again in pictures, in videos and in songs. Beyond that, as Sue said in defeat, “there is just nothing.”


Track list for Glee Season 5 Episode 3: The Quarterback

“Seasons of Love,” featuring Amber Riley, Naya Rivera, Chris Colfer, Mark Salling, Harry Shum Jr., and Glee‘s current cast.

“I’ll Stand by You,” featuring Amber Riley and Glee‘s current cast

“Fire and Rain,” featuring Chord Overstreet, Kevin McHale, and Glee’s current cast

“If I Die Young,” featuring Naya Rivera

“No Surrender,” featuring Mark Salling

“Make You Feel My Love,” featuring Lea Michele

Photo and video credits to Glee. Cory Monteith (May 11, 1982 – July 13, 2013)

Drama Review Music Dance and Lyrics

DJ Miller in the House

Nick's Sexy Mix


Playlist full of sleaze, but who’s to judge? A little bit of Adele could have made it a non-douchey, depressing kind of sexy, but Winston will not allow it. He explains:

“As a friend, you can lift the heavy objects, but you can’t take her to the airport. You can hold the elevator for her, but only if you see her running down the hall saying, ‘Hey man, please, can you hold the elevator?’ No picnics, no mini-muffins, and never Adele. No Adele. No concerts, no music, no T-shirts, no nothing. NEVER ADELE!

#downloadingmaybe #nick’sSexymix

Picture credits to owner, as seen in the episode Fluffer.

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The Aftermath of the Kiss

Nick and Jess New Girl

Better articulated as “OMG happens now??” after the “kiss that rocked all social media” by the show’s fanatic Newbies (raises hand). I personally wasn’t there when Ross and Rachel were unraveling their romance in the sitcom game-changer FRIENDS, but I think it wouldn’t be as adorably dorky, fall-off-the-couch funny and witty as it is now with New Girl‘s Nick and Jess. Major props to showrunner Liz Meriwether for the genius timing and the awkwardness that followed suit. Critics be damned while the rest of us are glued to the tube and cursing the hot summer day this season ends.

As for the never ending comparison to the FRIENDS royal couple, no I don’t think they are the new Ross and Rachel. They are their own Nick and Jess. Did Ross ever write one and half zombie novels? I don’t think so. Rachel too was never “old-fashioned below the belt.” As only Jessica Day would put it, “I’ve got a Civil War-era piece of equipment and that’s all she wrote.”

Cheers to that.

Drama Review

Nick and Jess’s First Kiss Went a Little Like This

There are a lot of times you would wish you didn’t answer the itch to know the spoilers. Like in every Twilight movie (because you know how it will all end anyway, you fan girl) and in watching every movie preview that when pieced together basically already spills the entire story (most recent, annoying case in point: Nicholas Sparks’ Safe Haven).

Like in the kiss presented above between zombie-novel writer, bartender and underachiever extraordinaire Nick Miller and short-in-stature-but-not-in-spunk Jessica Day. Despite the subtle flirtations and that easy chemistry planted so wisely into the series as early as the New Girl pilot, I really did not see this coming.

Thank you Liz Meriwether. And thank YOU, Nick Miller. Where have you been all my life?