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Tokyo or Osaka: Where to Go for Summer Sonic

This is a legit question my friend Hazel and I agonized over once the decision to go to Japan’s annual music festival Summer Sonic was made. That was in 2015, and we picked Tokyo, and the following year headed on over to Osaka. Both were awesome trips, memorable weekends, stellar lineups ikidyounot, but we did come out of it with a solid winner. Read on and I hope our past summers will help you plan your future escapade. Continue Reading

Music Dance and Lyrics

April 1, 2017

I’d said ‘it’s okay, let it go, it’s not meant to be’ to this night too many times for my sister’s liking. But my sister, half in love with the band and Mr. Martin as she is, wouldn’t have any of it, so she persevered. So we found a way. From the first strains of A Head Full of Dreams, she would have had every right to holler ‘I told you so, I told you so, how dare you’ at my face. Followed by ‘how could you have thought we could miss this.’ But the music was weaving a spell. The lights, the heat that slithered and settled in the air, the beams of neon pulsating to the beat. The night was magic, from the first tick of the minute hand to 8 p.m. At one point, Chris took a moment to thank everyone who was there, including the people who flew in and endured the stress and the hassle and the traffic, both land and air. ‘And our mother,’ my sister and I muttered with a laugh. It’s always hard to explain urges like this, the need to feel music this way. But in those two hours there was no need to explain. ‘Sing! Go low, jump high,’ were all we were asked to do. And at one point we might have overdid the jump a little, because the sky and the stars seemed so close.



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Soundtrack to Make You Stay

This playlist for Songs to Make You Stay is a mixture of music I listened to between writing (cos I need silence to write. Please don’t turn Brooklyn Nine-Nine on now, sister, have mercy), music I imagined blaring out of the speakers at Commute Bar between sets, and in Doozy Book Cafe and Bar on that first Gig Night. Bulding this playlist was extra fun because a lot of these songs were new to me, some of which I won’t even normally listen to. And it’s fun finding new music to like. It’s one of the best surprises.

So here, enjoy Shinta and Jill’s feelings in song format. I hope you find a few good surprises too.

Pavement. Summer Babe

Bon Iver. Holocene  Continue Reading

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Author Interview and Playlist: Bianca Mori

I first knew of the Takedown series when Peyton Riley came out. Bianca Mori got me from the first line of the blurb–not to get Liam Neeson on your asses–but when I found out it was a trilogy, I decided to wait for the last book. Yeah my EQ is that frail. Anyway, wait I did, and it was a good call. I came out of that thrilling ride with my head bursting with questions for the author, and it was very kind of Bianca to take the time to answer them.

Read on as we talk about the dream to go around Europe, the challenge of writing romantic suspense and flawed characters, and the question of straight-laced cop versus sly art dealer. Bianca shares a stellar, cool/sleazy playlist too!

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Music Dance and Lyrics Writing Now

Soundtrack to Get Over You

When I was putting this soundtrack together, I wasn’t really thinking of my writing music, because most days there really is no such thing. Sure I’d listen to a few songs when I take a break–nothing like Alex Turner‘s voice in my ears to resuscitate dying creative batteries. And sure I’d have a song playing inside my head, but that’s not the same as having one blaring out of the speakers, is it?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that these songs existed around my writing time with Miki, rather than within it (if that makes sense without sounding too New Age-y). I guess these would be some of the stuff Miki would’ve listened to in the Songs to Get Over You timeline of his life. So if by any chance you wanted to hear music that plagued the head of a friendzoned boy, by all means scroll down and hit play.

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