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So I was looking at my brand new, post-concert Battle Born CD — the first one I’ve bought in years –, and one thing led to another, as they are wont to do on a rare lazy Saturday afternoon. I found myself squatting in front of our CD/DVD rack and there they all were: physical, non-digital, non-iTunes Compact Disks with actual cover art taking up actual space. The covers were not dusty because someone actually took them out for a good wipe, but the labels were upside down and the order was all wrong. OCD and fuzzy sentiment kicked in. I plopped on the floor and took inventory:

Arctic Monkeys – Favourite Worst Nightmare

Bloc Party – Silent Alarm Remixed

Brighter – 16 Killer Tracks from Today’s Hottest British Bands

Chicosci – Chicosci

Coldplay – Viva La Vida

Defiant – Kerplunk CD Sampler 2009 (Kjwan, The Ambassadors, Faspitch, Angulo, Beach Head, Menaya, Enemies of Saturn, Blue Jean Junkies, Subscapular, Astrojuan, Favored Enemy, Sinag)

Eraserheads (complete) – Ultraelectromagneticpop, Circus, Cutterpillow, Fruitcake, Stickerhappy, Natin99, Carbonstereoxide, The Reunion Concert

Fall Out Boy – Infinity on High

High School Musical OST – 1, 2-Disc Special Edition; 2, 2-Disk Collector’s Edition; 3, 2-Disk Premiere Edition 

John Mayer – Room for Squares, Continuum, Battle Studies

Justin Timberlake – Future Sex Love Sounds

The Killers – Hot Fuss, Day and Age, Battle Born

Maksim – Variations Part 1 and 2

New Moon OST

Norah Jones – Feels Like Home Deluxe Edition

Sandwich – Grip Stand Throw, 4-Track Mind, Thanks to the Moon’s Gravitational Pull, Thanks to the Moon’s Gravitational Pull (Deluxe), Five on the Floor, <S> Marks the Spot

Silent Sanctuary – Fuschiang Pagibig

Snow Patrol – Eyes Open

Spongecola – Palabas

Sugarfree – Tala-Arawan

The Ting Tings – We Started Nothing

Twilight OST

Vertical Horizon – Everything You Want

It was a nostalgic activity, to say the least. By the time I had money to buy my own records, MP3 players and free downloads were the thing. So I took to buying only the music I knew I would love forever and happily install in my future library with the books that I will likewise love forever. (My future kids are going to hate me, getting moldy paper and scratchy disks for inheritance) The inventory revealed not a fool-proof list, and definitely not a complete one, but it’s a solid start.

I have to deal though with the itchy side effect of wanting to jump into a good gig right this moment.

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‘Battle Born’ Tour 2013: Sa Wakas, the Killers are Here!

“Thank you for not giving up on us,” charmingly begins the Killers‘ front man Brandon Flowers when he finally stopped dancing for an intro and a hello. I had the graciousness to feel guilty because I kind of did give up on them, nursing a hurt spot for when they cancelled the Manila leg – among others – of their Day and Age tour last January 2010. There is no pain like an excited fan returning a worthless ticket. After waiting in vain for “further details on tour scheduling”, I had to let go of the dream since the next few months saw the band taking a hiatus, Brandon launching his first solo album, followed by the band’s latest outing, Battle Born, records that I both ignored (out of revenge? ignorance? K-pop persuasion?). But then a new album means a new world tour, and hallelujiah, also meant that the Killers were (as Brandon said,) “sa wakas, finally” in Manila. A butt hurt fan cannot stay butt hurt for long.

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Music Dance and Lyrics

8 Albums I Should Have Listened to By Now


In this day and age, a broken iPod can take away so many things from you. For me, I lost my background music as I trudged through the day, the borrowed sanity needed during a grueling commute,  and the thrill of fresh music blasting my eardrums. I have managed to replace the first two with incessant daydreaming and productive musings, but there really is no perfect substitute to an updated playlist. Thus far, below are the important musical moments that I am still missing. Blame it on my failed, blue iAngel-skinned, iPod 2G:

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